Eastern End
Cockspur Island, GA

The Cockspur Island Light, also known as the South Channel Light, was lit in 1848 along with it's companion, the North Channel Light. The two lights guided ships up the Savannah River past Tybee Island, around Elba and Cockspur Islands, into Savannah, GA.

Both Lighthouses were darkened by the Civil War and the North Channel Lighthouse, built on Oyster Bed Island, did not survive the fighting. Although the Cockspur Island Lighthouse was in the direct line of fire during a fierce artillery duel between the big Union guns on Tybee Island and the Confederate batteries at Fort Pulaski, the South Channel Light escaped unharmed.

Rebuilt following the Civil War, the Cockspur Island Lighthouse continued in service until 1949, when it was permanently retired.

Deeded to the National Park Service and restored in 1978, it is now open to the public.

The tower can be viewed from the US-80 bridge, east of Savannah. The lighthouse stands on an oyster bed off Tybee Island.

OPEN - Yes  /  MUSEUM - No  /  FEE - None