* Every cubic mile of seawater holds over 150,000,000 tons of minerals.


* In 1847 there were about 900 whaling vessels in the world, of which the U.S. owned 722 ships or barks, ranging from 200 to 500 tons.


* The Suez Canal, cutting the distance between London and Bombay nearly in half, opened in 1869.


* The Panama Canal opened in 1914. Over 25,000 laborers died from disease and accidents in its construction.


* The Mauretania, launched in 1907 by Cunard Lines, held the Atlantic Blue Ribbon for speed for over 27 years.


* In 1858 the French Navy adopted iron-clad vessels, followed by England in 1860.


* Flogging in the Royal Navy was abolished in 1881.


* Ancient Greek war vessels called tiremes were powered with 170 oars stacked in three levels on each side which could produce a ramming speed of 12 knots to sink enemy vessels.


* During the War of 1812, the British had 800 naval vessels and the United States only 16.


* The America's Cup races were first sailed off Newport, RI, in 1930. Prior to 1930, cup races were sailed off Sandy Hook, outside New York Harbor.


* The International Rules of the Road at sea differ from the racing rules of the North American Yacht Racing Union in that the first are designed to prevent collisions, while the NAYRU rules

establish the terms under which races are sailed.


* The average time for an ocean liner to pass through the Panama Canal is eight hours, due to the many locks to change the water level.




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