The area of the earth covered by the sea is estimated to be 139,670,000 square miles. This represents 70.92% of the total surface.


The volume of Earth's oceans is estimated to be 308,400,000 cubic miles.


The deepest part of the ocean yet discovered is in the Mariana’s Trench in the Pacific Ocean. A pound ball of steel dropped into the water above the trench would take nearly 63 minutes to reach the sea bed 6.85 miles below. The average depth is 14,000 feet.  

The Atlantic Ocean has the largest range of mountains on earth. It winds from the Artic to the Antarctic with peaks averaging 10,000 feet in height and extends 10,000 miles in length.


There are 4,037,000,000 tons of oxygen in a cubic mile of sea water.


There are 38 pounds of gold in a cubic mile of sea water.


There are 128,000,000 tons of salt in a cubic mile of sea water.


The Atlantic Ocean covers 31,529,000 square miles with an average depth of 12,880 feet.


The Indian Ocean covers 28,357,000 square miles with an average depth of 13,000 feet.


The Artic Ocean covers 5,541,000 square miles with an average depth of 4,200 feet. The Artic is the world's smallest ocean.


In a ton of water in the Atlantic Ocean there about 31 pounds of salt. In a ton of Dead Sea water there are 187 pounds of salt.


There are 350,000,000 cubic miles of sea water on earth.


About 70% of the earth is covered by water but only 2% is drinkable.


The Antarctic Ocean, often called the Great Southern Ocean, lies around Antarctica, which includes the South Pole, and is     about one-seventh the size of the Atlantic Ocean.


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